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1/8/2004 · The company provides one-time plastic and multi-use rubber form liners for tilt-up, cast-in-place and precast concrete applications. Computers assist in design and fabrication J.D. Moore, owner of Concrete Artforms in Charleston, W.Va., says he, too, has been producing architectural concrete forms for nearly 20 years, but he deals only with ...

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Although UNI-CAST formliners do not require a release agent, Sika Form Release 8000 is highly recommended to enhance the appearance of the concrete. Use one concrete supplier for uniformity of color and texture. Place concrete with an elephant trunk to minimize aggregate segregation. Vibrate concrete to eliminate lift lines and minimize air voids.

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Brick Master™ Single-Use Thin Brick System For Tilt-Up and Precast Applications. Our Single-Use Gaskets are designed for both tilt-up and precast applications. Flexibility of the gasket adjusts to variations in brick sizes, virtually eliminating the need for grinding, and allows your choice of brick from any manufacturer.

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Concrete Casting: Flexible Form Liners Polytek ® two-part, room temperature curing mold rubbers are used to create custom flexible rubber inserts or form liners that are placed into a rigid form. These highly detailed liners are often used to cast decorative concrete


A. Elastomeric form liners for texturing architectural concrete. B. Form liner accessories of fasteners, sealants, rustication and backup strips, form release agents and sealers as scheduled or required. 1.2 RELATED SECTIONS ** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete any sections below not relevant to this project; add others as required.

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Compañero 3540AA Utrecht | Netherlands RECKLI GmbH 44628 Herne | Germany RIMAC Maschinen- & Anlagen GmbH 69256 Mauer | Germany SCHLÜSSELBAUER 4673 Gaspoltshofen | Austria

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Forms with form liners are really no different than the molds we use for concrete countertops, sinks, or furniture (see Concrete Molds). Urethane rubber form liners are frequently used to texture countertop edges and stair risers, whether cast-in-place or precast.Liners are used in many precast applications. Architectural concrete cladding panels and spandrel beams for buildings often are cast using form liners to impart textures. Textures and custom decorative features on precast highway sou...

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7/25/2011 · No need for concrete form liners with Wall-Ties & Forms ashlar stone aluminum concrete forms. For photos of this decorative concrete forms project visit http...

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Utilize Architectural Polymers’ concrete form liners and photo engraved form liners as a beautiful, easy-to-use option for your Precast projects. - Our photo engraved form liners create beautifully engraved concrete panels and are environmentally friendly. - We offer three different grade quality form liners for large projects including ...

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Form Liners; Precast Molds; Gallery; About Us; Contact Us; Select Page. Form Liners. Form Liners. K&M Concrete offers many different patterns and colors. For more information, you can visit one of our suppliers at We guarantee quality work in a timely manner. From patios to driveways to walkways, every job is unique.

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Wells combines the economy of architectural precast concrete and the artistry of formliners to shape unique architectural façades. Since concrete’s invention by the ancient Romans, designers have imagined ways to use this material to create architectural masterpieces. Because of concrete’s fluid form, it is easily poured and molded into any shape thinkable. One way Wells... Read more »

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Form liners are often used with precast panels to create more attractive walls for building facades, highways, neighbourhoods, beaches and parks. Form liners come in many different patterns, and can produce a variety of different results.

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Form liners are the liners used in the preparation of designs on concrete walls. The use of form liners often results in more attractive walls for highways, neighborhoods, beaches and parks. Form liners come in many different shapes and designs, and can produce a variety of different results on concrete.

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SSC Tool & Supply Company. 1658 Route 228 Cranberry Township, PA 16066 United States (724) 776-1450

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Custom Rock Products: #1305 Vista Drystack formliner, custom sized parts and molded corners to fit piers Concrete Formliners—Industry Veterans & Innovators Our long history in the formliner industry—over 37 years—began with a vision of high quality and innovation, which continues to this day.

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The underground tunnel liners, given a design life of usually 120 years, are expected to demonstrate the following: ... form removal / stripping, stacking, transportation, assembly, grouting ... develops software solutions for the precast concrete and reinforcement industries. The high-performance products include MES systems for the planning ...

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A patterned form liner may be used for visual effect to enliven the surface of the concrete or simulate another material. Textured surfaces also disguise imperfections in concrete that would otherwise be obvious in a smooth surface. Form liners can be used to replicate stone textures matching natural rock formations; fractured fins or flutes; wood... Read more »

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4/22/2016 · As with conventional precast concrete products, custom finishes, reveals, insets and colors can be provided through the use of form liners and pigmented concrete. ARCIS has been used on a variety of building types in the Pacific Northwest since 2003. A new licensing agreement with AltusGroup ( – the collaboration of top ...

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This month we are pleased to feature Wilbert Precast, Inc. as part of our Meet a Precaster […] Filed Under: Meet a Precaster , NPCA Blog Tagged With: MSE walls , Redi-Rock , SCC , burial vaults , custom products , diversify , form liners , forms , light pole bases , meet a precaster , pre-stressing , raised garden planters , retaining walls ...

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Materials: Acid Etched Precast Concrete Completion: August 2014 In 2014 Amber Precast was appointed by Esh Build to design and deliver exposed architectural precast concrete cladding panels for the exterior of the state-of-the-art Northshore Innovation Centre in Stockton on Tees, a 36,000 ft² building for SMEs and new business starts-ups in ...

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Fast Formliners concrete form liner pattern cut sheets showing specification application information for concrete formliners 714-429-9500 Fax: 714-429-1460 [email protected] Home

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9/17/2014 · Category Science & Technology; Song Highway Blues; Artist New Stories; Album Speakin' Out; Licensed to YouTube by The Orchard Music (on behalf of Origin Records); Abramus Digital, SOLAR Music ...

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5/17/2013 · Once accepted, the master mould will ultimately be used to cast formliners a precast manufacturer or contractor will employ to produce the architectural concrete element. Depending on the agreement between the formliner manufacturer and the project designer or owner, the custom mould may be retired or become the property of the project owner.

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Innovative Mbrick is the premier manufacturer of embedded thin brick form liners for commercial construction. Used by architects and by precast and tiltup constructors. 800-413-4588

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RECKLI is a world leader in the design and manufacture of elastic formliners and moulds and liquid rubbers for the production of such formliners and moulds. Formliners: For attractive surface modulation and shaping of exposed concrete. RECKLI Formliners are used in precasting factories and in cast-in-situ concrete. Since 1968, we have the experience with structured formliners, competence in ...

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Buy new concrete form liners and feel the shining of the walls. A high-quality new pattern concrete form liners available at Customrock. We have patterns; Bricks and Blocks, Fluted Ribs, Fractured Fins, Stones, Textures, and Woods.

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Our decorative concrete company offers the best decorative stamped concrete patterns and formliners. A urethane-rubber formliner can get 50-100 pulls. +1 (301) 864-3676

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ARCHITECTURAL CONCRETE FORM LINERS For generations, Sika has been proud to promote and advance the use of concrete, and architectural concrete is no exception. Since 1975, Sika has been at the forefront of technology for texturing tilt-up, cast-in-place and precast concrete. Sika® Greenstreak® Form Liners provide an economical means