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1/4/2017 · Seeking Solutions in NFPA 25 to Unusual Challenges Inspection, testing and maintenance service providers face many challenges, which we in the “training community” often espouse in articles and live seminars. All too often, we focus on the obvious issues associated with liability, contractual structure and responsibilities to meet requirements of NFPA 25, Standard for the Inspection, …



8/17/2016 · Attach the hose to the Pitotless Nozzle and Little Hose Monster assembly. Conduct the test . Record static pressure reading from gauge cap. Slowly open hydrant using the gate valve to purge air from the hydrant. When hydrant is full of water, open gate valve to desired flow-rate (usually full open). When the flow-rate stabilizes,

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The Hose Monster Company manufactures and distributes products for fire pump testing, hydrant fire flow testing, and hydrant flushing. All of our products are designed to give accurate information ...

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The Little Hose Monster™ is used for fire pump testing, rooftop standpipe testing, hydrant flow testing and flushing. Small and lightweight. Water-powered cars continue to be the largest single topic taking over. complete with wires and hoses everywhere and a back-flash trap/flow meter bubbling away on the dash like Dr. Frankenstein’s hookah.

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Alan M. Petrillo. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1962, Standard for the Care, Use, Inspection, Service Testing and Replacement of Fire Hose, Couplings, Nozzles and Fire Hose Appliances (2013 ed.), makes a number of changes that affect how fire departments use some of the basic tools and equipment available to them in extinguishing fires.

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Akron also offers testers, gauges, water flow meters, and other specialized equipment to help departments meet the annual testing requirements for pumps, hoses, and hydrants. These ensure that equipment is in optimal condition. Featured Hydrant Flow Test Kits. Portable Flow Meter More. Hydrant Flow Test Kit with Case More.

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Standpipe and Hose Systems Defined A standpipe system is intended to eliminate the need for excessively long runs of hose for manual fire fighting. With a standpipe system installed in a building, the fire fighter can connect hose to a permanently installed valve on the standpipe system and, with not

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2.5 Diffuser or Hose Monster Testing You are testing main capacity Dead ends Looped Areas (2 or 3 feeds) Distances 2.5 Diffuser or Hose Monster Preparation Plan your area Decide which hydrant will be your residual hydrant and which will be your flow hydrant Direction of …

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FPTK1 Fire Pump Test Kit, Little Hose Monster, 3 Units ITEM # Qty. Description HML 3 Little Hose Monster™ PN1.75GRV 3 13⁄ 4" Pitotless Nozzle, FM Approved (337 to 1011 GPM per nozzle) H2H.25 3 21⁄ 2" x 25' Hose HMMT 1 Monster Tester, includes tube set and 0 to 60 psi gauge STK 1 Little Hose Monster Stabilizer,

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8/10/2018 · I recently conducted a hydrant flow test. I used a hand held pitot for the first flow.. I got a reading of 44 psi out of a 2-1/2” outlet.. the second test, I used the little hose monster 1-3/4” pitotless Nozzle and recieved a gauge reading of 28 psi...

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For example, Hose Monster has a recommended operating range of 94-321 gpm for their 11/8-in. nozzle, 250-1,000 gpm for their 1¾-in. nozzle and 500-1,432 gpm for their 2-in. nozzle, which are all for use on a 2½-in. hydrant outlet.

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HydroFlow Hose Monster Pitotless hydrant diffusers that are certified by Factory Mutual. IMS Software to manage data, create work orders and provide detailed reports. Fire Flow Pro and IMS work with any Windows XP or higher computer. Hurco features the Rugged Trimble computer as an option.

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Hydro Flow Products is the industry standard in fire flow testing, fire pump testing, and hydrant flushing. About Us | Hose Monster Hydro Flow Products, Inc is dedicated to providing equipment, software and procedural for fire flow testing and fire pump testing.

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Recommended Practice for Fire Flow Testing and Marking of Hydrants. NFPA 291 provides guidance on fire flow tests and marking of hydrants in order to determine and indicate the relative available fire service water supply from hydrants and to identify possible deficiencies which could be corrected to ensure adequate fire flows as needed.

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10/10/2019 · The Hose Monster Company Catalog — Section on Fire Flow Testing includes how-to instructions and more Hydrant Flow Test Calculator — Calculates the rated capacity at 20 psi for a fire flow test. FAQs on Hydrant Flow Testing

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Aluminum cap gauge for testing static pressures in trucks or fire hydrants. Aluminum components are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum seamless extrusions Aluminum components are hardcoat anodized per MIL-A-8625 Type III, Class 1 Cap gauge attached with aluminum piston rings Integrated swivel allows cap to be properly positioned in any direction Dial face is bright white with black numbering from ...

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This 4" or 4.5" NST heavy duty Fabricated (Yellow) Swivel Diffuser is used to Flowtest as well as reduce the force of flowing water from fire hydrants or hose lines to control erosion and direct the flow pattern safely. It can be connected with a Fire Hydrant with a 4" or 4.5" NST. Also with a 4" or 5" Storz connections. The unit weighs 29Lbs ...

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